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Recorded at Parachuter’s Manhigh IV lab (Boston MA) and in Blue Jay Studio (Carlisle MA), Woven began to take shape over 2012 and early 2013. Demos of the album piqued the interest of the talented mix engineer D. James Goodwin (BOBBY, Kaki King, The Bravery, Thursday, Murder By Death) who perfected the project. Sonically, the album takes the listener on a journey through life and subconscious, stitching together vivid scenes from youth to death. Street to sky, heaven to the sea, forest to the desert, desert to afterlife.

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Released 20 September 2013
Tyler Triggs - Guitar, Synth/Sound Design, Bass
Rich Marscher - Bass, Synth/Sound Design, Guitar
Gabriel Cruser - Drums, Percussion

Recorded at Manhigh IV (Boston, MA) and Blue Jay Studios (Carlisle, MA)
Mixed by D. James Goodwin at the Isokon (Woodstock, NY)
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works (Cambridge, MA)
Cover Art by Brent Hildebrand
Additional Design by Marcos Nava


Parachuter's self-titled EP captures the early essence of the band. Recorded mostly live, the group's raw energy and feel bring the songs alive. Exploring both dark and happy territory Parachuter set their stake in the ground to declare their desire for wide sonic exploration.

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Released 19 February 2011
Tyler Triggs - Guitar
Rich Marscher - Bass
Bryan Dennis - Drums
Matthew DiPierro - Keys

Recorded and Mixed by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studio (Charlestown, MA)
Mastered by Tony Schultz Big T Productions (Quincy, MA)


Parachuter is an independent Boston-based cinematic art rock band formed in 2010. Homage to a Cold War test pilot, their name was inspired by Col. Joseph Kittinger's classified parachute jumps from nineteen miles above Earth.

The four-member group's 2013 LP release "Woven" traverses great dynamic as well as emotional range: Loud, quiet, aggressive, delicate, powerfully beautiful, and immersive. Experimenting with organically composed tempo and signature changes, field recordings, and sound design, the group uncovers a distinct scene and vision for each song.

Appreciated by audiences as fresh and intriguing, fans of bands like Mogwai, Tame Impala, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and Explosions in the Sky will find plenty to enjoy.